How we work

At Kinney deSigns we take great pride in delivering whatever special wood-carved piece you can imagine. Looking for that special gift for a loved one or do you want to add a touch of class to your office?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you how we can bring your ideas to life.

Imagine you would like to create a personalized plaque for someone.

(Here are some example shapes that you can choose from: Kinney deSigns Sign blanks)

You can review our current examples provided on our Carving Galleries page, or contact us directly describing what you wish to have. In this example we show a plaque commemorating someone’s service in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division.  You can either provide an example of artwork like this from the internet, or we will research among our thousands of professional 3D designs and provide examples to you by e-mail.  There is no charge for this design process of developing your plaque artwork unless we 82nd-airborneagree that you need a brand new graphic design.  If that is the case, we’ll agree on a small fee (usually about $15).  Please click on any picture below to see a bigger version.

The artwork you agree upon will be translated into a three dimensional rendering of what will be carved and we will then send you a suggested visual layout picture and dimensions for an attractive plaque.

At this point if you desire to add more personalization we can add and illustrate wording carved as a part of the total design.  These changes take only minutes to create and then send to you for your review and approval.  Each version is saved along this path so we can always step backward.

These are examples of a first proposal plaque illustration and a version with the 82nd Division’s motto the “All American”.  Please note that between the two the letters in AIRBORNE were made more straight to provide better balance and readability.

82nd Airborne82nd Airborne 2








This client wanted to add a personal rank and name to the plaque and this became the final plaque design.  The client agreed to have it carved at the quoted price and estimated delivery date before her Husband’s upcoming Birthday.  She was very excited to be able to get him such a personal memento of his service.

Cletus Bulach.png

I then schedule the carving and finishing process which normally runs about 10 days. The plaque was carved and the finish sanding began.

IMG_0037-001 IMG_0036-001The carved Unit symbol and the title AIRBORNE are set to project up in layers above the plaque’s relief carved background while the client’s inscription is carved into and conforms with the soft roll of the frame.

Notice that the dramatic woodgrain flows through all the layers showing that this was created from one solid plank of wood.  As carvings go this is “The Real Thing” and not just molded plastic. This is how your exclusive  design will be produced and hand finished with files, sandpaper and carving gouges to improve the final clear details that make the design dramatic.


And speaking of finish we can provide you any wood tone you wish from dark and smokey looking Gothic Oak to rich red Mahogany, natural Pine, Chestnut, Pecan or Cherry.

Here are two variations shown to the 82nd Airborne owner and she picked the darker Cherry finish on the right with a high gloss lacquer top coating.  Then we simply box and ship you your carving or deliver it locally and you pay us only when you are satisfied it is eveything you wanted for yourself or as a gift.

We also finish each carving with a handsome ogee molded edge as shown above and if you desire with a horizontal Keyhole shaped hanging slot on the top of the back so it can be wall mounted and easily leveled on just one screw head or nail.  No wires, hooks or brackets and it hangs secure and flush to the wall.

For a page of example plaque and sign shapes you can view this PDF file and then select your wording or artwork to be added: Kinney deSigns Sign blanks